My artistic career began at age 4 when I brilliantly copied the Peanuts characters printed on my pillowcase to my bedroom wall. Dismayed by my choice of canvas, my parents still encouraged my creativity with a deluxe box of crayons (the 120 set) and plenty of paper.
While other kids played outdoors developing hand-eye coordination and social skills, I scribbled away in low-light conditions, ensuring my myopia forever. In the years to come, I honed my talent with watercolors, acrylics, oils, and airbrush. That lead to a full scholarship at the Art Institute of Houston where I  graduated (alongside by twin brother Craig ) with a degree in Visual Communication.
My first job in the Big Wide World was as a Paintbox artist and animator creating award-winning graphics for television. From there, I entered the Freelance World after purchasing a newfangled personal computer known as...a Macintosh. This allowed me to do what I love most: sleep in and work in my pajamas.
Before long, my business grew and since then, my kooky characters and wacky scenes have delighted many happy clients. Now, even though I'm up working at a respectable hour, I'm often still wearing my pajamas at lunch time.
I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.
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